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Fleet Configuration and Rationalisation Analysis

VEHTEC provides our customers with everything from a complete  fleet management service to short term consultancy services.

VEHTEC staff have the experience to critically analysis your vehicle and heavy plant fleet. We know that you need to focus on your core business without the added complications of managing a highly specialised and diverse fleet.

Qualified fleet management personnel can undertake an audit of your fleet and make the appropriate recommendations to increase your fleet efficiencies and reduce your fleet overheads.

Using in house designed and time tested fleet management software, eFMS, VEHTEC can provide customised fleet reports, and conduct an optimal life assessment.

VEHTEC will perform routine asset management analysis on the fleet utilisation as a whole and prepare recommendations for purchase, disposal or relocation of fleet
This detailed assessment will allow you to rationalise your fleet and establish a vehicle & heavy plant replacement schedule.


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