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Chassis Modifications

VEHTEC’s team of qualified in house Engineers will design a customised trailer body, liquid tanker or special purpose vehicle to fulfil your requirements. See an example of our work by clicking here.

Project examples that VEHTEC have been instrumental in providing consultation, design & modification prior to being commercially built include;

  • Specialised utility fit outs

  • Customised trailers for the Australian Defence Force

  • Vehicle mounted cranes

  • Specialist emergency services vehicles

  • Specialised transport bodies and trailers

VEHTEC are also 'Recognised Engineering Signatories for Heavy Vehicles' in South Australia. We are qualified and authorised to certify modifications to vehicles over 4.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM).

Our approval is limited to:


C1      Tail shaft Alterations
D1      Rear Axle(s) Installation
F2      Trailer Suspension Modifications
G1      Air Brake System – Relocation of Air Brake Components
G2      Installation of Trailer Brake Controls – Air Brakes
G3      Trailer Brake System Upgrading
G4      Brake System Certification
G5      Auxiliary Brakes – Engine, Exhaust or Retarder Type
G6      Air Operated Accessories
G7      Brake System Substitution or Wheelbase Extension – Powered Vehicles
G8      Trailer Brake System Upgrading Approved Design Certification for
          Non- Standard Trailers
H1      Wheelbase Extension Outside the First Manufacturer’s Option
H2      Wheelbase Reduction Less than First Manufacturer’s Option
H3      Wheelbase Alteration within First Manufacturer’s Option
H4      Chassis Frame Alteration
H5      Trailer Chassis Frame Modification
M1      Fuel System Alterations
P1      Tow Coupling Installation – Vehicles over 4.5 t GVM
P2      Fifth Wheel and King Pin Installation
Q1      Installation of Truck Mounted Lifting Systems – Slewing
S7      Aggregate Trailer Mass Rating to S12 Approved Design or Within
          Manufacturer’s Specification

S12    Aggregate Trailer Mass Rating Approved Design Certification for Non-
          Standard Trailers



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