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Vehicle and Plant Fleet Management

  • Does your business require a vehicle or plant infrastructure to operate?
  • Is operating and maintaining a fleet your core business?
  • Do you suspect that you are spending more in keeping the fleet operating than you think you should?
  • Do you feel that you are spending precious time on non-core business activities?
  • Would it provide you peace of mind to know that your vehicles or plant will operate when you want them to and that your ongoing maintenance, operating and service costs are minimised. 

VEHTEC specialises in providing innovative partnership solutions, tailored to organisations who are not transport companies as such. Our current client typically use vehicles and plant as a means of providing service to their customers and are typically experts in producing products or providing a service.

VEHTEC has a team of fleet managers who can offer assistance and advice on your current fleet, provide purchasing and disposal advice or manage maintenance, repairs, modifications and inspections.  Fleet management is a science that involves a complex mix of utilisation, optimum resale value, repair time and cost management and appropriate equipment choices.

Here at VEHTEC we have an established service supplier network that provides cost effective, quality goods and services.   As a repeat customer, to our local suppliers our clients benefit from these relationships by knowing that servicing and maintenance will be quality workmanship at competitive rates.  We appreciate that our continued success is determined by the additional value we can add to your bottom line and thus our aim is to do just that.

Against  an environment of increasing trend in Local Government Price Index (LGPI) VEHTEC has been able to demonstrate that over a ten year period the operating costs (excluding fuel) for a large diverse fleet has reduced from $2.19 per kilometre to $0.68 cents per kilometre. For a large fleet this represents significant savings to the client.

VEHTEC continues to sponsor industry-benchmarking activities and if you would like to be included on our database to be notified of future events or have any queries regarding the services we provide register as a site guest and you will be notified of future benchmarking events.

Recent reports by RAA indicate that Eco Driving of light fleet can reduce carbon emissions by 6.5% whereas in the heavy fleet industry it is reportedly in the order of 15%.   We recognise the need to improve our measurement and verification tools to demonstrate to our clients the actual savings they are achieving and are working with Scope Technologies to use the GPS tracking system in this manner.

As professional fleet managers VEHTEC is dedicated to promoting a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions within the transport sector and as such conducts in-house research into the use of alternative energy within larger transport vehicles.


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