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About Us

VEHTEC Pty Ltd was established in South Australia in 1996 as a professional fleet management organisation, offering a unique combination of innovative fleet management solutions, practical hands on engineering, transport business and asset management services. 

Vision Statement

To be a profitable, creative company that is both essential to our customers and stimulating for ourselves.

What do we do!

Advise clients on ways to run safer, greener and lower cost heavy and light fleets.

We provide transport based engineering and asset management experience and knowledge to simplify the business needs of Australia’s fleet owners, truckies and earthmovers such that they can deliver their services efficiently and effectively.  Our services include fleet management, logistics business management, engineering design, regulations compliance verification and sustainable transport solutions as well as being agents for GPS tracking and Fleet Management Software.

What we don’t do!

Bury our heads in the sand and continue business as usual.

As fleet managers specialising in the heavy transport sector we are motivated by our concern for the potential cultural, economic and ecological impacts of petroleum depletion.  Prudent energy resource management must include conservation and efficiency, ecologically responsible energy production and consumption, and the development of alternative energy resources.  We believe petroleum depletion will inevitably force extensive cultural change.  Of particular interest is the development of a constructive response within our state, municipal and county infrastructure, the implementation of a pragmatic federal agenda, and the formation of productive partnerships between private and public organizations.

What we believe

We believe the laws of Karma, that one receives only that which one gives and as such conduct our business for the mutual benefit and highest good of all parties involved.

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