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Driver & Vehicle Behaviour

A VEHTrac GPS Tracking system provides facts to control how your drivers and operators are looking after your assets and profitability. Fuel, tyres, brakes, and accidents all cost money and in today’s competitive market can’t be understated.

People notice bad driving habits, and worse - whose name is on the side of the vehicle when this occurs!

Ensure that your business image is not placed at risk by a driver with bad driving habits or a carefree attitude. Installing a VEHTrac GPS tracking device within your fleet vehicles will give you notice, both in real-time (if required) and historically should your driver(s) breach any of your Company policies regarding:

  • Speeding - As a standard function, each speeding event is recorded and available for viewing, with the option to receive a real-time alert of the breach or an SMS message or be able to review and report all speeding breaches. This GPS function allows vehicle owners to meet their obligation under the  New Heavy Vehicle Speed Compliance Laws 2010.

  • Harsh Braking - Receive notification should your fleet vehicles brake harshly. Each vehicle can be configured to an acceptable braking limit before a breach is recorded.

  • Excessive Brake Activation - Record brake activations when in a designated zone - i.e. hill descent when the engine brake should be used. Ensure that your drivers are operating in accordance with the law and your instructions.

  • Over Revving - Regular occurrences of over revving can put your fleet vehicle engine under unnecessary strain. Set an RPM limit or use the 'Green Band' as a guide to recording any excessive RPM.

  • Excessive Idling - Potentially reducing the life of a diesel engine, excessive idling can also lead to delays in your business dealings with your clients. Set a limit and be advised should this limit be breached.

  • Unauthorised Stops - Long delays can be detrimental to your operations. You will get full transparency of your fleet vehicles operations, and the impact any unauthorised stops may have on your business

  • Confirmation of Driving Hours - A handy 'Checks & Balances' procedure to ensure that your drivers are adhering to their trip plans, and that their log books are accurate. Don't always assume that the log book is a true reflection of the trucks activities. Fact and Figures to assist with accreditation schemes and meeting your responsibilities under the Heavy Vehicle Fatigue Legislation.

  • Unauthorised Usage - Are your fuel costs increasing through increased usage? Ensure that the vehicle is only used in accordance with your policy and conformance with the most direct route.

If you would like to monitor and manage any of these areas, contact VEHTEC on to arrange a no obligation meeting to discuss your needs and requirements. Driver Behaviour Solutions start from the equivalent of $45.00 per calendar month per vehicle/unit refer GPS Pricing Summary.   This pricing is subject to change and excludes installation and communications fees and is also GST exclusive.


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