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Route Management

A VEHTrac GPS Tracking system is an easy way to monitor and manage the routes taken by your fleet vehicles. By automatically transmitting a location at regular preset intervals (from 30 seconds to 10 minutes), you can plot the route(s) taken by your vehicles.

As a stand alone package, your VEHTrac GPS tracking system can provide route information for you to analyse:

  • Most direct route - Randomly review routes between jobs or deliveries to ensure that your operating costs are as low as possible. Any inefficient routes can be displayed to your driver or technicians for review and training purposes.

  • Closest vehicle to a job - A Standard feature within VEHTrac enables you to quickly determine which one of your fleet vehicles is closest to a site/customer or location allowing for dispatch of the task to the best resource, reducing both time to arrive and also cost of travel to the location.

  • Off route travel - With the ability to review all travels, you can identify any off route trips and then address with your driver. This can also be used to train new employees of the best or preferred routes between two points etc. They can watch the vehicle travel the route historically and get a visual understanding of the preferred rote.

  • Bridge and road limit management - Be aware if and when any of your fleet use a restricted road, bridge or operate outside of the approved hours of operation (Oversize Load etc.). You will then be informed should this activity occurs, allowing you to manage the situation accordingly.

Any routes can then be compared to the planned routes for crossovers, off route travel or excessive distance between points.  A VEHTrac GPS Tracking system dovetails 3rd party software for fully seamless integration with Route & Territory Management software packages.

If you would like to monitor and manage any of these areas, contact VEHTEC on to arrange a no obligation meeting to discuss your needs and requirements. Route Management Solutions start from the equivalent of $45.00 per calendar month per vehicle/unit refer GPS Pricing Solutions for details. This pricing is subject to change and excludes installation and communications fees and is also GST exclusive.

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