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Goods, Jobs and Task Management

A VEHTrac GPS Tracking system is an effective way to increase your awareness of how your vehicles are being driven, but what about the goods, freight or stock that you have onboard. Often client queries evolve around the treatment of goods whilst in your control.

Sometimes involving additional infrastructure, you can expand a standard VEHTrac GPS Tracking system to incorporate proprietary or 3rd party components to increase your ability to record the use or condition of auxiliary equipment, goods and/or freight in your control.

  • Temperature Monitoring - Using up to 4 digital temperature sensors, you can get real time readings of your refrigerated or frozen transport temperatures. With a range from -50 to +50 you can set each digital sensor threshold differently to accommodate for split loads / multi compartment vehicles. Any breach of the temperatures above or below the set thresholds will be captured and recorded with you being able to receive a real time alert, or view the data historically. Any client enquires can be addressed with a  graphical or chronological listing along with date, time and location of all readings - including non breaches. This information allows you to confidently and quickly address any queries about the temperature of goods whilst in transit and at the time of  delivery often resulting in any claims being unsubstantiated.

  • Door Openings - Connecting your VEHTrac GPS tracking unit to the doors in your vehicle can result in capturing all instances where doors are opened. This can be used to highlight any unauthorised access to your goods or stock carried. Conversely it also will determine the duration of any door openings, allowing you to manage your stock temperatures etc...

  • Use of Auxiliary Devices - Activation of any auxiliary device can be captured, recorded and transmit  for confirmation of activities. Using a digital input VEHTrac can record use data relating to the use of many devices including but not limited to:

  • Safety beacons and electronic sign boards etc;

  • Cranes;

  • Tail gate lifters;

  • Auxiliary stationary engines;

  • Pumps;

  • Tipper Bodies; and

  • Power Take Off (PTO) driven devices - i.e. ramps, tilt trays etc.

  • Arrival & Departure Records - A basic function of your VEHTrac GPS Tracking system is the ability to record all vehicle starts and stops with a corresponding date, time & location stamp. This information will allow you to ensure that your vehicle is where is should be when it should be. Review of these activities via a daily automated email will allow you to ensure that your operators are punctual, meeting your (or your clients') requirements and when required recording all times spent at site for charging purposes.

  • Excessive Stopping - having the ability to view all stops, whether ignition off or just idling will give you the ability to analysis your vehicle route and run to ensure that the vehicle is operating at maximum efficiencies.

  • Unauthorised Stops - Long delays can be detrimental to your operations. You will get full transparency of your fleet vehicles operations, and the impact any unauthorised stops may have on your business

If you would like to monitor and manage any of these areas, contact VEHTEC on sales@vehtec.com.au to arrange a no obligation meeting to discuss your needs and requirements. Goods, Stock and Tools Management solutions start from the equivalent of $60.00 per calendar month per vehicle/unit refer GPS Pricing Summary. . This pricing is GST exclusive and subject to change and excludes installation and communications fees.

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