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GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is the method of being able to identify where your vehicles are by using the 'Global Positioning System' satellites that orbit the earth. By obtaining a simultaneous reading from three or more satellites, you are able to get an accurate location of your vehicles position. The positional data is provided as a latitude & longitude reading which is converted via your GPS system software into a street address or location. This position is accompanied by a time & date stamp, giving you a total picture as to the location of your vehicle or assets and what  time they were at any location.

How can GPS Tracking help me?

The use of a GPS Tracking system has numerous generic benefits including operational and compliance matters and in many cases with customisation,  resolves many individual business needs. A competent GPS Tracking system will provide you with accurate details relating to:

Many of these areas cross over with an effective solution, or you can address an individual area with a minimal system.

What are the costs of operating a GPS system? Summary of Charges and Options

A flexible GPS Tracking system supplier will offer you the ability to either Rent or Capital Purchase a system.

Rental - Pay a fixed amount per calendar month over the agreed term - VEHTEC offer 12, 24 or 36 months contract terms

Capital Purchase - Payment of the hardware and installation upfront with an ongoing licensing fee over the agreed term, or as a VEHTEC customer, obtaining a discount by paying for the hardware and contract term licensing fees fully in advance.

On top of the hardware and software cost, there is generally only two other charges to consider:

Installation charge - Dependent on the installation configuration and system installed. As an example, installation of a VEHTrac CT837 system is free of charge as it is 'Plug n Play' (i.e.. self installed) whilst a standard VEHTrac VT828 requires a technician to undertake the installation with charges commencing at $120.00 (Ex GST). Full pricing is agreed upon a the time of signing a contract

Communications charges - A full real-time solution requires to transmit the recorded data (refer 'What is GPS Tracking') back to a server to process the information to enable you to view it. This is achieved either via the digital telecommunications network or through the satellite communication network. Most fleets use the digital telephone network, which sufficiently covers most of Australia's towns and cities. It should be noted that when communications coverage is not present the recorded data is stored within your GPS Tracking device until the vehicle returns to within communications range.

Whilst satellite communication is expensive, it allows communications in remote areas of the country, with the same coverage as a satellite phone, providing an increased level of security for remote workers and vehicles.

Some solutions that are customised may attract additional fees for further hardware (e.g. proximity switches, digital temperature sensors etc.) or require rollout of customised software interfaces etc.

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