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Employee Safety

Besides the vehicle operational benefits of implementing a VEHTrac GPS Tracking system, you can also add further levels of safety for your employees.

Some benefits are delivered from a stand alone system, or can be incorporated with additional hardware to provide extra functionality that can assist in the safety and management of your employees:

  • Solo Operators - VEHTrac can be configured with an RFID duress button or pendant, which when activated will send a radio signal that will ultimately display in real time on the VEHTrac user interface and dispatch SMS to nominated parties alerting them of the activation with a location and time. This is a reliable add-on to support existing solo operator procedures.

  • Satellite Communications - Your VEHTrac solution can include a GPS tracking unit that can transmit data or messages via the Satellite network when outside of digital telecommunications range. Standard VEHTrac GPS Tracking units are compatible with satellite GPS tracking units allowing you to include a mix of both within your fleet.

  • Non Core Hours Use - Each fleet vehicle can be established with a set of 'operating hours'. If the vehicle is operated outside of these hours, and exception is generated showing full details of the usage including duration and start and stop locations. Any non authorised usage can be quickly determined and managed.

If you would like to monitor and manage any of these areas, contact VEHTEC on sales@vehtec.com.au to arrange a no obligation meeting to discuss your needs and requirements. Employee Safety Solutions start from the equivalent of $45.00 per calendar month per vehicle/unit refer GPS Pricing Summary.

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