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ECO Driving

It is never too soon to take control of your business.  Escalating fuel prices, pressure from competitors, smaller operating margins all demand that sustainability requires action.

VEHTEC have been assisting fleet owners to stay ahead of the crowd for over 12 years now.  Our business success is a direct reflection of your capacity to reach your business goals. 

When you hand over the keys do you really know

  • Where your fleet is is at and how is it being driven?

  • Can you meet the speeding and driver fatigue legislative requirements?

  • Are you paying more for fuel, tyres and brakes.  Lindsay Fox* believes Eco Driving can save his business 4.8%, Improved Utilisation 3.0% and tyre wear 0.5%.  Do the Numbers!!

* Reference Linfox Public Report, 2009

Our VEHtrac GPS Tracking solution will answer all these questions and more.  Information is the basis of good decision making.


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